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Best website or book on Timelapse Photography

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I am new to time lapse photography. having just purchased the Panasonic DMC FZ2000 (UK) FZ2500 (Rest of World) which has a built in TL function, I’ve experimented slightly, but need to understand time lapse in more detail.

Can anyone recommend a website or book that may point me in the direction of becoming a better time lapse photographer.

I appreciate it takes months if not years of practice, but I am looking for some good pointers to start me off.



You might also check out the forum over at


In particular, the “Ultimate TimeLapse FAQ” is a good place to start:


Welcome to Timelapse Photography

The first thing you need is time! the whole concept of a timelapse is to compress it. Hours goes by in seconds in the final render

The Forums are great source of discussion points, when participating ask specific questions and not generic questions eg ‘Help’ (especially in the subject/title line), but get out and start shooting just basic stuff – moving clouds through the sky, people walking or cars on a roadway. Then adjust the parameters to see how these changes affect your timelapse. You shall be suprised how a small change can make a difference. Then after a while you get a ‘feeling’ for what to use and how you want the end movie to look.

Here are some sites I’ve found useful:-

eBooks I have purchased over the years:-


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