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Genie Mini not rotating

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I’m now trying to get the Timelapse View+ to work with the Genie Mini per the video on the Vimeo channel. I’m able to make them connect as the view shows the GM1 in the tracking pan setting. I set things up per the video with the Fuji However the Genie Mini never rotates. I don’t have a 2.5mm cable so I cannot test a wired configuration as I’ve seen with a Syrp video Do I need their “special”cable or will any cable with 2.5mm plugs work?

Now I’m trying to test with a simple setup just to make the GM pan. I’m running a Nikon d850 with firmware C 1.10, TLV+ firmware v1.8-beta68, I’ve updated the Genie Mini via the Genie 2 app to the latest 4.32 firmware. Both the TLV and the web app sees the GM but no setting I’ve tried allows control over the GM rotation. I’ve made sure Bluetooth was off on my phone and restarted everything a number of times over a number of hours. Please let me know what other information I can provide or things to try. Thanks!

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Sorry about the confusion with your Genie Mini connection. The latest firmware for the Genie Mini doesn’t allow control via Bluetooth at the moment because the software has gone through some major revisions since Syrp has been acquired by another larger company. More details can be found on the Facebook page:

A trigger connection via the AUX 2 port should still work, though, with Genie motion being controlled by the Syrp app. Any general purpose 2.5mm TRS cable can be used for the connection, like the one shown here:

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