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How to favour exposure time over ISO?

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So let’s start the ball rolling. This is a question that has been asked in many different guises on the TLV FaceBook page.

Supposing we know what the final exposure should be for a night exposure (good old 500 rule) and we want to keep the ISO as low as possible, how do we config that?

In my experience I often end up with an exposure time lower than my target and an ISO that is higher. The overall exposure is often correct.


Setting the “Ramp Parameters” option to S+I will ramp the shutter up to its limit before bumping up the ISO. This cycle repeats itself as the shutter ramps up again to its limit. This keeps the ISO as low as possible.

If “Ramp Parameters” was set to S=I (balanced) instead, the shutter and ISO would ramp up together, which tends to keep the shutter as low as possible, while the ISO increases to its limit.

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