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ND Filters for Timelapse


Just trying to get some ideas for ND filter usage. I know the VIEW isn’t quite ready for it, but seems that is a feature that is in the works.

So ahead of this, what are some standard rule of thumbs you all use when reaching for the filters?

And beyond those, how do you guys deal with avoiding movement when attaching or detaching?

How do we all feel about variable ND filters? I had frustrations with crosses when pointed directly at the sun so actually threw it off the cliff haha

And lastly, post production…ND filter addition or removal makes bigger than usual shutter or ISO adjustments so what’s a good way of dealing with this?

i have tried them once or twice, but because of the issues above I’ve found them more useful for individual still images rather than time lapse.

Answered question

Hi Bryan,

Just for clarification, when you say “ND filters” are you referring to “Graduated” or “Full” ND Filters?

At the moment I haven’t had the need to actually use ND Filters (grad or full) when shooting a timelapse with the View. I’ve just ensured that I don’t overexpose/clip the highlights and during post-processing pull details out of the shadows/darks that I need by using a ‘mask’ and adjust up the exposure as required. I think if you start to putting the grad-filters on/off during the shooting of the timelapse, I think you would introduce extra flicker (but I have no experienced, just my thought!), as there would be a noticeable exposure jump between the two images. Not to mention shake to the camera.

I personally don’t use variable grads but I have read about the ‘X’ that can occur especially when used near their max strength. If you are using the Grad Filter to induce some shutter lag, I personally would stop the timelapse to add/remove the filter and then begin the timelapse workflow again, using a different angle etc to show a different break etc.

Hopefully someone else has actually experience in this.



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