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Support for Nikon D850

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What will be needed to support the D850?

I can connect to it but

  1. it is reported as a PTP camera
  2. Unlike the D800 and D810, once connected, the camera controls are blocked
  3. The D850’s built-in “Interval Timer Shooting” has a new option, called “Silent Mode”. If selected, the mirror seems to be locked up and the electronic shutter is used. This is obviously a great choice for timelapse as there is no wear and tear on the shutter and no vibrations.

I assume that a new libgphoto2 will be required?


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The latest beta version includes many bug fixes and other improvements on the D850 interface, and also allows you use the Silent Shooting mode. Elijah has created a video on how to set up the VIEW with electronic shutter control.

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