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TL+ View with LR Timelapse


Anyone using TL+View with LRTimelapse, whats your work flow?


You certainly could use only one folder for raw and edits. I personally do this just for the piece of mind and having a backup copy in case something happens.


Thank you so much for the info.

Just a quick question, Can’t we just have one folder for RAW and EDITS? Why do you need two separate folders?


Yep i am.

VIEW + LRTimelapse + Lightroom

Basically i do the shoot.

Save the XMPs to the SD Card.

Then on my computer, I make name a folder named like TL-120 or whatever number i’m on. In this folder i place 3 folders.

  1. RAW (contains the raw images in a folder and XMPs in another folder…no changes are ever made to these files and serve as a backup)
  2. EDITS (contains a copy of the RAW images and XMPs together…not in separate folders. These are the files that LRTimelapes will look at and make changes to…like the working files)
  3. LRT (this is the folder which i export the finished TIFF files to after the LRTimelape & Lightroom edits)

Then to start the editing process, I open LRTimelape, and navigate to the EDITS folder mentioned above. I use the Visual workflow usually but skip the holygrail step if i used the VIEW with XMPs. Once the Keyframes are made in LRTimelapse, bring the files over to Lightroom by dragging that button from LRT to the library of Lightroom.

Use the filter to display only the key frames. Make my adjustments to get the images looking good. Then in the library tab, select all the keyframe shots and right click, go down to save metadata (or maybe it’s write metadata to files….can’t recall exactly as i’m writing this all from memory).

THEN back in LRT, reload. do the auto transitions and deflickering as needed. Save. At this point should be done in LRT.

Back in Lightroom, take off the filters so that you can see all the images in the sequence. Select all. Right click, read metadata from files. this basically brings all the XMP data & LRT edits into Lightroom. Don’t make any edits to the files at this point.

Once it’s done reloading the metadata, just select all again. Click export and I usually use the 8-bit TIFF option. Then save the exports into that 3rd folder i mentioned above (the LRT one).

Once it’s done exporting (super slow some times)…it will automatically open LRT and the video exporting thing. You can pick the resolution and codecs you want. I think i usually go for the 4k option in Apple ProRes highest settings all around and i don’t usually force to 16×9 output…you can cut it down later when you edit the video.

render that and done. for a 1 min video it might make a MOV file that’s like 9-10gb in size.


As i mentioned, i just typed this all from memory as i’m at the office right now, so i’m sure there is something that i forgot or mis-quoted.

Also bear in mind that there are probably a dozen different ways to go about all this…this is just mine.

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