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Welcome to the Timelapse Forum!

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Welcome to the brand-new Timelapse Forum. The purpose of this site is to provide a central place for the time-lapse community to share information and get answers in a way that is easy to search and organize. There are many great groups on Facebook, but so many times great content gets buried and lost, and many questions are repeated. Facebook and other groups are ideal for sharing work, getting critique, etc., but when it comes to questions and tips, we’re trying to fill a void here.

I’m Elijah Parker, of Timelapse+, and the vision for this site was inspired by Jay Burlage of Dynamic Perception when we were sharing frustrations about managing support across various platforms and the difficulty of searching for answers on Facebook. Then he pointed out that quite often the support questions of our customers overlap — and what if we had a common platform, not just for us, but for the community as a whole? A place for users to interact directly with other users as well as the vendors. And that’s how this started. We’re not limiting it, either — we’re inviting everyone in the time-lapse community to join in bettering the community as a whole. End users get better support, and vendors get to hear first hand the struggles and challenges in the field, and everyone wins.

Let’s start by laying down guidelines:

  1. Questions and answers should be clear, concise, and to the point.
  2. Before asking a question, please check to see if it’s already been asked.
  3. When answering a question, be constructive. Don’t say “product XYZ is bad, use product ABC” (especially if you sell product ABC!). Instead, make it helpful by saying, “product XYZ doesn’t perform well in this specific situation because… , so consider product ABC which was designed for this“.
  4. Try to avoid brand wars, etc. We’re here to help users with what they already have. This isn’t a sales platform. If there’s a question about a product you don’t like or don’t know much about, just let someone else answer. We’re trying to make this a safe place for the whole industry and want to foster constructive feedback for vendors.

How does that sound? Are we missing anything? If you find errors or if parts are confusing, reply here or post a question and select “Timelapse Forum” in the category selection. I’m excited to see how this community grows!

Thanks and welcome!


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Many thanks Elijah for the great idea of building this Forum.

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all i can do is agree with the answers above. A forum is indeed so much better if it goes about workflow, programs,…

I also like the fact that it isn’t a hardware bounded forum. it gives more chance to resolve and think about the problems any timelapse creator faces.

i’m buy the way not a real day-time timelapse creator. i prefer the nightskies 🙂

Also a nice thing is the ‘score’ you get when contributing,…

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A forum has to be a much better option than FB 🙂 a good decision to open it to all timelapse creators regardless of their choice of hardware, software and camera choice


Very much hope this becomes a good solid resource for shooters out there and glad to help! (y)

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